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Imagine…Coming home from work or a long day out. You’re tired and hungry, and so is your family…

You open the refrigerator door and in 30 minutes or less, you are enjoying a delicious, fresh & healthy dinner….The best part is that you didn’t have to shop, chop, cook or make a mess in your kitchen!

All Prepared by Your Very Own Personal Chef Diana!

Personal Chef Rockford IL

We prepare fresh, healthy & delicious, preservative-free meals in your home that are tasty & affordable! Your menu is personalized & customized to your favorite (and/or medically necessary) foods.

Tasty Tidbits Personal Chef Service

All the planning, shopping, chopping, cooking & clean-up is done for you. Chef Diana brings her own pots & pans to your home as well as everything else needed to prepare the food that’s picked up at the grocery store(s) on the way. The containers of prepared food are packaged & labeled with cooking/reheating instructions and are ready in the refrigerator or freezer for you. Then she cleans up the kitchen!

All that’s left when she leaves is delicious, healthy and preservative-free food and the wonderful aromas left over from cooking it! Think about what you can do with the time savings alone…and you can come home to a healthy & freshly prepared dinner every night (breakfasts and lunches available also as well as fresh service…salads, fruits, desserts, etc.). Gotta love it!

Chef Diana Kramer

Chef Diana Kramer, CPC, RN

Tasty Tidbits Personal Chef Service

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