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Summer Pestos

It feels like years since I first sampled and learned about Pestos . Actually, it HAS been years and they have flown by, but I remember it like yesterday and it was one of things a beautiful lady taught me that reached my soul and sparked something that would someday change my life. She was […]


Enjoying the Bounty of “Later” Fall Veggies

During Summer, it seems like vegetables are ripening so fast that it’s hard to keep up! Especially with the ones that will spoil if we don’t use them: tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, green beans, etc. Most Fall vegetables last longer…like squash, potatoes, onions and carrots, parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, and more. Many of us even have an […]


Zucchini & Summer Squash

Squash in Italian is “zucco”, so everyone assumes that it came from Italy, but the origin of zucchini (also called Summer squash) dates back to 5500 BC in Central and South America (source: University of Arizona). Zucchini Shapes Zucchini has many shapes and sizes. Pattypan squash is in the same Summer squash family as yellow […]


GRATITUDE: Make it your resolution this year

Good Morning, Are you jumping on the traditional bandwagon with everyone else who is trying to change their life in one way or another? Lose weight, eat healthier, exercise, get out more, stick to that budget…this list could go on forever!!! But my wishes, hopes and dreams keep leading me to something far more important […]


Food Allergies & Sensitivities in Your Diet

Confession: I have food allergies that I do know and I am sure I have food sensitivities, too, but I don’t know for sure what they are because the symptoms are vague sometimes… fatigue/foggy brain, bloating, headaches, arthritis-type symptoms and difficulty losing weight. They come and go, too, which leads me to believe they are […]

Plant Based Cooking

Delicious & Healthy Vegan / Plant-Based Cooking

Delicious & Healthy Vegan/Plant-Based Cooking Do you keep hearing about the benefits of Plant-based/Vegan diets and know they would make you feel better, be healthier and live longer? Just not sure how to do it without eating tasteless food and feeling deprived without meat at every meal? This is the class for you!! Chef Diana […]

Winter Squash

Winter Squash – Delicious Holiday Recipe

As I lay awake at what feels like the middle of the night (since the time change, my body is slowww in adjusting), I kept thinking about what I wanted to talk about in my November blog. Winter Squash kept creeping into my mind, and when I let the dogs out, noticed we had been […]

Tasty Tidbits Pie

First Official Blog Post!

Hello and welcome to Tasty Tidbits Personal Chef Service’s first official blog!! I am Chef Diana Kramer and this is my 5th year as a Personal Chef and I’m very excited to introduce our new website!! As you browse through the pages, you will find many options along with my little story and how I […]

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