Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing

with private consultation

Did you know food intolerances, sensitivities and allergies can silently hurt you? In children, it can cause ADD/ADHD & Autism to become worse, as well as inflammation and chronic activation of your immune system manifesting in:
Digestive disorders
Migraine Headaches
Behavioral Problems/Moodiness/Anxiety
Chronic Fatigue
Aching Joints
Skin Disorders
and more…
Once we receive your results, Chef Diana is here to help you make the changes necessary live a healthier life. Providing services like…..
Pantry & Refrigerator Makeovers
Grocery Store Tours
Menu Planning
Special Cooking Classes / Meal Packages

Wouldn’t you like to know your food sensitivities?

Chef Diana is a Registered Nurse & Certified Personal Chef who can interpret the results of your Food Sensitivity test. She can also help you with your menu planning, cleaning out your fridge / pantry, learning how to shop right, read and understand food labeling and teach you how to cook delicious meals for you and your family within the boundaries of those allergies / sensitivities. If you are confused, she will help you through it with classes and some meal preparation guaranteed to get you on the right track and feel better. This will change your life!!!

Testing kits are available for this simple blood test…Choose to feel better starting today!

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